Consign Your RV With Us!

List Your RV with Arbutus RV
If you are interested in trading-in or listing your RV unit with us please contact us at any one of our 6 locations & provide us the details of your present RV ( ie make, model, length, type, age).

List your RV through us, we offer the following benefits:

Benefit #1 - Peace of Mind

  • No annoying callers pestering you at odd hours
  • No strangers showing up at your home
  • No wasted evenings and weekends
  • No test drives by inexperienced people
  • No fees or minimum time limit for our services


Benefit #2 - Professional Services

  • 25 professional sales agents go to work for you immediately
  • Your RV displayed to its best advantage
  • Qualified buyers looking at your RV under favorable circumstances
  • Professionally advertised eye-appealing pictures in our online listing services
  • All while you go about your daily activities undisturbed


Benefit #3 - Our Operation

  • BC's Biggest Selection of RV's = thousands more visitors seeing YOUR RV!
  • 5 RV dealerships on Vancouver Island
  • Comprehensive factory trained service department
  • Complete parts and accessories available
  • Exclusive dealers of some of the finest RV's in the world
  • Full range of RV units for your selection
  • Travel trailers - 5th wheels - campers - tent trailers - park models - motorhomes


Benefit #4 - The Complete Package
  • Full financial services
  • We take trades
  • We can buy, sell or trade your RV
  • We have over a quarter million dollars of parts and accessories
  • We create happy buyers and sellers


Your Ultimate Benefit - Get your RV...

Whatever your Adventure is, we have an RV for it!! Find yours today HERE.